Examples of Using LTVT


This page provides links to a few of the many pages, some on other websites, showing images created or interpreted using LTVT.

On this Site

Elsewhere on the Web

  • Henrik Bondo's website formerly displayed many lunar photos taken with his own telescopes and interpreted/re-mapped with LTVT (mostly under "Lunar Atlas"). The site ceased to exist in January 2009. Some of the images and support data have been moved to Henrik's Calibrated Evening Atlas
  • About 200 images created with LTVT, many in stereo, using internet-accessible photos from a variety of sources have been posted on the Flickr image sharing site.
  • More than 700 images created with LTVT, mostly from calibrated Lunar Orbiter images, can be found in the LPOD Image Gallery.
  • Steve Boint has made extensive use of LTVT for studying the topography of selected lunar features with his results appearing in amateur lunar journals.


Lunar Pictures of Day featuring results from LTVT (partial list):

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