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Image Grabber - Calibration Data Mode


The Image Grabber utility program can operate in three different modes. This page describes how it can be used in conjunction with LTVT calibration data file and a list of web addresses (URL's) to automatically download local copies of the calibrated images and to create a new cal file pointing to the location(s) to which the images were stored.



  • 1. In the first section one specifies the existing calibration file which will be used to drive the downloads, a list of URL's giving the original web addresses of the images that were calibrated, and a file name to which the new calibrations should be stored. Further details can be found in the ReadMe file included with the program download. In Version 1.7 and later, the URL's can be specified in the same file as the calibration data by placing them on lines starting with "*URL:" (without the quotes).

  • 2. This button lets one specify the folder on the hard drive (or other storage device) to which the files are to be downloaded.

  • 3. The memo box records the progress of the downloads, and whether they are successful or not.

  • 4. This button initiates the reading of the cal file and its comparison with the URL list to locate the images for downloading.

  • 5. An optional "Test Mode" shows how the list will be processed without actually attempting the downloads.

  • 6. Abort buttons permit immediate termination of the download in progress (with attendant loss of date), or halting the download sequence at the end of the current download.

  • 7. The clear button erases the contents of the memo box.

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