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Image Grabber - URL List Mode


The Image Grabber utility program can operate in three different modes. This page describes how it can be used to download all the files in a list of URL's.



  • 1. The list specified here is a simple list of URL's created with a text processor. Here is a sample from the Test Folder that comes with the program:

    • It is possible for the list to include instructions for storing the file under a name different from that under which it appears on the internet. The files to be downloaded are typically images, but do not have to be. Version 1.7 and later have a checkbox (not illustrated here) to "Combine Source Text". In that case, rather than downloading the individual files, Image Grabber will regard the URL's as pointing to text (for example, HTML source code) and combine their contents into a single file (with headers indicating the URL from which the text was extracted).

    • Version 1.5 and later have a memo box (not illustrated here), into which the URL list can be pasted without having to specify a disk file containing it.

    • Version 1.7 and later are also capable of reading a URL list in which the URL's are placed on lines starting with "*URL: " (without the quotes). This makes possible merging a URL list with LTVT calibration data.

  • 2. This button lets one specify the folder on the hard drive (or other storage device) to which the files are to be downloaded.

  • 3. The memo box records the progress of the downloads, and whether they are successful or not.

  • 4. This button initiates the reading of the URL list.

  • 5. An optional "Test Mode" shows how the list will be processed without actually attempting the downloads.

  • 6. Abort buttons permit immediate termination of the download in progress (with attendant loss of date), or halting the download sequence at the end of the current download.

  • 7. The clear button erases the contents of the memo box.

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