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Blancanus Craterlet Resolution Examples


The craterlets on the floor of Blancanus are suitable targets for testing the resolution limit of Earth-based telescopes.

Comparative Photos


At the top is a small detail from a photo taken by Italian amateur Carmelo Zannelli on 2008 Nov 8 at 21:20 UT using a homemade 412 mm aperture Newtonian reflector @ F/20 with a Lumenera Infinity 2-1M camera and Baader Red Filter with IR-Cut.

At the bottom is an image from Lunar Orbiter IV remapped to the same scale and libration. A typical 1-km diameter craterlet is labeled. This appears to be about the resolution limit of the Earth-based photo. It does not seem to be reliably showing craterlets smaller than this, and some larger ones are ambiguous.

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